The Brio is Back!

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So she’s back from Broken Brain Paint and my God she looks absolutely awesome. I can’t overstate the fact that the once ugly ‘yellow’ duckling is now such a cute looking bike. Now comes the hard work, lots of little bits to source and to start the actual rebuild. Very excited! Lots of pictures to follow.


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So I started checking out the shocks and although they’re not is really bad shape, they would certainly stand out from a pristine bodywork.  I gripped one end in the vice and zip tied the spring down enough to release the tension (not something I’d particularly recommend), it worked enough! Having a dig around, however, I couldn’t find any key … Read More

Rear Lights

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I thought perhaps I should start working on the Brio a bit more as the paint is almost done; should have it back tomorrow! I managed to get a couple of bits from the US such as the rear light. I started working on this yesterday and although I initially thought it was a chromed piece, it is in fact … Read More

Front & Rear Brake Drums

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So it was time to get dirty today – I hate dealing with brakes/bearings etc especially ones this old.  Everything came apart pretty easily. Each shim/washer has now been pressed flat and all the components seem to actually be in good shape. I’m replacing the bearings as they don’t feel great and as it’s all in pieces would be crazy … Read More

Drilling Carbon

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Decided to drill the holes for the seat today – never drilled CF before but actually pretty easy with masking tape, patience and graduating drill bit sizes! I’ll probably wait until I do the restoration before I actually do the conversion.


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Decided to have a quick look as to how these are going to look. Gave me chills! Can’t wait to start putting it all back together again!

Shot Blasting

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No pictures yet but the Brio is now with Calne Engineering to be shot blasted.  Great price too Рlets see what the finish is like in a week or so!

Brio Cables

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All of the cables have had their day so I’ve decided to replace them.  There are six main cables plus a couple of other control cables which are used with the little taps below the seat – I’ll deal with these with the offcuts as they’re pretty tiny. I’ve measure each cable, inner and out with digital calibers as well … Read More