Planning on first start

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Although I should probably wait until the brakes are done etc. I’m very much looking forward to attempting a first start on the Brio. Everything is rigged up as it should now, although some of it temporarily. I purchased pretty much everything else I need last night; A mini hand pump for the gearbox oil (and the oil its self), … Read More

Ducati Brio 48-100 Spare Parts Catalogue PDF

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It’s taken me a while and I’m sure somebody will complain at some point, but I’ve scanned my parts catalogue for the Brio. I was using it quite a lot and it was starting to fall apart a bit (it is about 55 years old to be fair!). There is no copyright info on it and I’m sure Ducati won’t … Read More

Wheels AGAIN!

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So I thought they were finished. They looked amazing, not a scratch during assembly and everything was fettled a fitted to perfection. Now check out the first picture…! As you’ll see, the 90 degree brass inner tube valve hits the pivot bolt nut. I’ve since found this to be a common problem with the Lambrettas as well, the answer being … Read More

Grey rubber trim

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My nemesis; perished pressed/moulded rubber trim. This stuff is a swine, I’ve taken some measurements and I’m thinking that I’ll either try to make them or have them laser etched out of rubber sheet; a process I’ve only just learnt about. Fingers crossed I can get that sorted soon!! It all seems to be made out of the same stuff; … Read More