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Had a bit of time left over today so started polishing the levers. Stripped the aftermarket rubber grips off the levers and they’ve now polished up nicely. Did the same with the old main grips as I’ve ordered some new-old stock grips from Italy!

Beneath the old grips were these slips of material which I think is leather – difficult to tell really. I accidentally sliced one nearly in half when removing the old grips as I didn’t realise they were there!  I’m now soaking and flattening them as they were all out of shape, not sure whether they are needed yet.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m a novice restorer and have just started on my first project which is also a Brio48 I purchased at an auction earlier this year. Finding your project has been great with the helpful tips on cables and brakes. Could I please ask how you removed the brass pulley’s at the end of the throttle and gear tubes? As parts are so difficult to find I don’t want to damage anything!
    Good luck with your restoration, looking forward to seeing the progress here.

  2. Hi Stu,

    Thanks for getting in touch, sorry it’s taken a while to respond as most comments are spam these days. I think I know the parts you’re talking about, could you take a photo and post it on here? I wouldn’t want to advise on something without knowing for sure what you mean.

    Look forward to hearing more from you!

  3. Hi James,

    No problem at all, you’ve obviously been busy looking at the progress, looking good!

    I worked it out eventually with some advice from Nick at Ital Scooters in Cheltenham – heat them up and punch the pins out. Easy when you know how.

    I might be able to help you out with the rubber trim issue as I had the same problem and eventually I had to draw them up and get them laser cut out of rubber. I’m not sure if they are 100% accurate as the ones on my scoot had deteriorated badly and crumbled into a few pieces on removal. The supplier only had 2mm black rubber and I have a spare set cut if they are of use to you?

    IMG_1843.jpg Rubber_2mm_900x600_BrioGaskets_v2 copy.pdf

    I also had a spanner laser cut to fit the exhaust nut and have a spare one if required.

    Just waiting for mine to come back from paint to make a start on putting it back together.

    Look forward to seeing your progress and more helpful pics! Oh, and if you find a source for the side panel trims please let me know.


  4. Hi Stu,

    Thanks for getting back in touch; would you mind adding those pictures again (I’ve just enabled attachments!) sorry.


  5. Attachment

    Hi James,

    No problem, image attached. Rubber gaskets for front fender, horn, rear light and underneath seat bracket.


  6. Hi Stu,

    Sorry that I didn’t have time to reply properly, was a bit rushed at the time.

    Glad you managed to sort the pins out, sorry I couldn’t help much with that one. Yeah, the rubber trim has been a bit of a pain, still not quite happy with the Lambretta ones that I’ve cut up and did consider laser cutting but wasn’t sure where to get it done? Who did you use as I think I can get hold of the grey rubber.

    Where are you based, it would be good to meet up and compare projects at some point!?

  7. Attachment  Rubber_2mm_900x600_BrioGaskets_v2-copy.pdf

    Hi James,

    I used a company called Cut Laser Cut, details below.

    London studio
    Artichoke Mews, Workshop 1
    Artichoke Place
    SE5 8TS

    +44 (0)20 7703 4254

    Production studio
    The ‘Green Hangar’
    Scotchells Brook Lane
    PO36 0JP
    +44 (0)20 3490 9886

    I’ve attached my pdf which you might be able to use or adjust to fit your needs. If you need it converted to another format just let me know.

    Yes, it would be good to meet up. I’m based in Upper Rissington, about 3 miles South of Stow-on-the Wold in Gloucestershire, hopefully not too far from you.


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