Side Panels

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I had to start somewhere so I thought I’d take look at the side panels. A significant moment of putting the first part back on the bike, the four small black rubber panel pin holders! I’m very impressed with myself lol.  Next I needed to attach the retaining twist locks, without scratching the paint. Not the easiest of tasks but slow and steady wins the race. They were a bit tight due to paint build up but they are back on and look great.

I pulled out the old panel trim but honestly, the bike looking so good, it would be wrong to use some old rubbish which I’m certain isn’t original. So I’ve taken some measurements and a picture of the profile and I’ll try to source something to replace it. For the record, they are about 110cm long and the flat width is about 1.6cm and the depth is around 1.8cm.  Not particularly accurate, nor are these the originals but they seem to be the right profile. I’ll check out to see what I can find to replace them.

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