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Hi, I'm Jim, dad of Gene & Arlo and husband of Joran. Although I run an IT company, my passion is motorbikes. I've owned quite a few now and restored a couple.


Joran is my long suffering, beautiful wife and mother to Gene and Arlo. She loves cooking and cleaning... well I pressume she does?


Gene is our eldest child and loves anything electronic; PS4, Xbox, iPad. When his head isn't burried in a device he loves nothing more than winding up his brother.


Arlo is our youngest. He also loves nothing more than to wind up his brother as much as possible without getting in trouble himself. Otherwise, he can usually be found standing right behind me when I'm least expecting it.


Ruby is our aging black labrador puppy. We say puppy as, although a bit creaky these days, has never really grown up. She tollerates a lot though.

Restoring cars & bikes isn't for the faint hearted

I've always had cars and bikes. My first car was an Austin Mini 1100 Clubman, when I was just eleven. I'm not quite sure what my parents where thinking when they agreed to let me buy it.  £90 later and a quick, gearbox crunching drive back from Guildford to Bookham and my journey with cars had begun.

Since then, I've attempted a full restoration on a VW Corrado, which was my passion for years, but I simply ran out of time and energy. It broke my heart to break it for parts but it was fun whilst it lasted. At that point is realised that running a business, having two kids and dealing with a bad back, I simply couldn't do the big stuff any more. It didn't stop me buying Betsy though; a 1986 Volvo 240 in Army green. It was supposed to be a temporary purchase just for a bit of fun whilst going to Leeds festival but she ended being part of the family for a few years.

Bikes are physically an easier project to work on so I don't ache quite as much, you can also finish things more quickly. I've had bikes for a number of years, my first being a Yamaha DT50 MX in black, when I was fifteen. My first restoration however, was in my later years though and started with, what is now my prized possession, a 1965 Ducati Brio 48 scooter.  Not my normal fire breathing superbike but an absolute stunner none the less. When I bought it, I really didn't realise quite how rare they were, especially the 48.

I continue to restore bikes, when I can, and try to blog about them as much as I can. I hope you enjoy my content.


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I enjoy providing content and helping others to restore their bikes. I also love coffee, so if you feel like buying me one, it would be most appreciated!