Project Ducati Brio 48

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So the story begins. As I’d recently purchased a second bike for myself (900SS) I wasn’t really allowed to buy another bike for myself; luckily my wife Joran has always wanted a scooter.  Then this thing popped up on eBay, I wasn’t even aware that Ducati had ever made scooters but sure enough, this is a Ducati Brio 48.

I’m planning a complete restoration (it was purchased with a disassembled engine) and putting it back to a factory colour, probably a light blue or white.

Watch this space to see how I get on!

2 Comments on “Project Ducati Brio 48”

  1. Ciao mi servirebbe la scheda tecnica del ducati brio 48, la possiedi. Mi servirebbe per rifare il documento di circolazione

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