Wheels AGAIN!

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So I thought they were finished. They looked amazing, not a scratch during assembly and everything was fettled a fitted to perfection. Now check out the first picture…! As you’ll see, the 90 degree brass inner tube valve hits the pivot bolt nut. I’ve since found this to be a common problem with the Lambrettas as well, the answer being … Read More

Grey rubber trim

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My nemesis; perished pressed/moulded rubber trim. This stuff is a swine, I’ve taken some measurements and I’m thinking that I’ll either try to make them or have them laser etched out of rubber sheet; a process I’ve only just learnt about. Fingers crossed I can get that sorted soon!! It all seems to be made out of the same stuff; … Read More

Sandblasting, spraying etc.

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Had a few minutes spare today so fire up the sand blaster and got a few more bits done. Gave them an HT alu coat of paint and clear coat (they are brake parts so better safe than sorry) and they have come out great.


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I had the new nylon bushings delivered today. Even with my best endeavours, I couldn’t find ones which were 30mm long and had to opt for 35mm ones instead. This meant I had to cut the inner tube but 10mm to accommodate them. No hardship, they went in perfectly with a bit of persuasion and temporarily hung the swing arm … Read More

Horn and Nose

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One of the more gratifying tasks on this project are when a small amount of effort makes a huge cosmetic difference. I’m sure I should be doing more important things but thought I’d get the horn back on with the nose cone ready to be attached (after I find a way of re-making the perished rubber seals!). Looks cute though.

Wheels Completed!

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I’ve been itching to get these done and they don’t disappoint. I decided to use dome head bolts used on Lambrettas to join the two wheel plates together as they look so much better than a normal nyloc. I have used nylocs to attach the hubs though (I was advised to use these instead of domes for this purpose). They … Read More

Side Panels

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I had to start somewhere so I thought I’d take look at the side panels. A significant moment of putting the first part back on the bike, the four small black rubber panel pin holders! I’m very impressed with myself lol.  Next I needed to attach the retaining twist locks, without scratching the paint. Not the easiest of tasks but … Read More