Project 900ss

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Couple of glasses of wine and my five year old egging me on and I ended up with bike number two.  A 900ss in a somewhat unloved condition but certainly not bad for the money.  Makes the Monster look even nicer at the moment! This will be the bike that restore the way that I want. When I bought the … Read More

Bench Polisher

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This is categorically the most satisfying task ever (and I had a bead blasting cabinet!).  This thing was less than £100 and works great. Check out the before and after on this engine cover!

Engine bearings and seals

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Just waiting for one more engine bearing and it’ll be ready to go off to the garage to have them pressed in. Then the rebuild will start! I decided to investigate the world of bearings before I purchased the new ones; I’m a bit like that. I ended up selected metal shielded bearings which were massive overkill but when you’re … Read More

Shiny Levers

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Had a bit of time left over today so started polishing the levers. Stripped the aftermarket rubber grips off the levers and they’ve now polished up nicely. Did the same with the old main grips as I’ve ordered some new-old stock grips from Italy! Beneath the old grips were these slips of material which I think is leather – difficult … Read More

Box full of yellow stuff

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Last day of my break today so made the most of it. Finished stripping anything painted yellow ready to go off to Calne Engineering for a quote. The only thing I got stuck on was a torn weld on the rear shock bolt; as it just spins now I’m going to see if they can weld it and remove it … Read More

Project Ducati Brio 48

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So the story begins. As I’d recently purchased a second bike for myself (900SS) I wasn’t really allowed to buy another bike for myself; luckily my wife Joran has always wanted a scooter.  Then this thing popped up on eBay, I wasn’t even aware that Ducati had ever made scooters but sure enough, this is a Ducati Brio 48. I’m … Read More